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The podcast from and about Kaua'i!

Hosted by Phil Ladden and covering news, vacation advice, activities, and living on the island .... Aloha!


Dec 30, 2015

Happy New Year!

Ahhh, 2016. Where have the years gone.

In this episode, we are laying out plans and goals for the podcast.

Most important is the hope you, the audience, will have more opportunity to participate. It should be fun and make the shows even better.

Here are the key links mentioned in the show:

Voice comments...

Dec 21, 2015

In Episode 17 I found Santa on a Kauai golf course. We talked about what he does here and learned that this island is his last stop in North America ... being that Kauai is the most Western zip code in the United States.

Did you know you can't really say Merry Christmas in Hawaiian? I found an explanation on the...