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The podcast from and about Kaua'i!

Hosted by Phil Ladden and covering news, vacation advice, activities, and living on the island .... Aloha!


Jan 26, 2016

In this episode we take a question from a new listener, Alison. She asks an age old question regarding whether I would advise them dividing up their 10 day visit between the North and South shore.

'The answer .... YES. It was an easy one for me and my answer has multiple reasons.


Jan 22, 2016

Session Highlights:

  • the guidebooks were surprisingly wrong in a few important areas
  • Hawaii was EXPENSIVE
  • there is limited places to eat
  • the beauty was amazing
  • be sure to set up accommodations well ahead of time
  • you will need a car
  • the best online platform to find a place to stay depends on the country

Thomas and...

Jan 8, 2016

Kauai Talk is a podcast dedicated to celebrating the Aloha of the Garden Island Kauai in beautiful Hawaii.

Do you know the island faces a most dangerous threat today. And it's not a hurricane.

Authorities are so concerned that over 50 experts met last fall here on Kauai to determine a plan of action regarding how to...